Connecting to Google BigQuery with DBeaver

0) Install DBeaver

You can find installation instructions here. Make sure to install version 5.2.2 or later. If you haven’t updated to 5.2.2 or later you may use this post as a guide for connecting to BigQuery.

1) Create a new service account

  1. Instructions & details for creating a new service account can be found on Google’s website
  2. Grant your desired BigQuery permissions to your new service account
  3. Download the service account key

2) Create a new connection

  1. In the menu bar navigate to Database > New Connection
  2. Select BigQuery & press next
  3. Fill in project with the name of your BigQuery Project
    • Optional, add additional projects in the subsequent field
  4. Select service-based
  5. Fill in the name of the service account ex:
  6. Fill in the path to the service key downloaded earlier
  7. Press finish

Congrats you’ve successfully connected to BigQuery using Dbeaver!

7) Troubleshooting

  • If you receive [Simba][BigQueryJDBCDriver](100004) HttpTransport IO error : 403 Forbidden make sure you’ve created a service account with the necessary permissions.
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