Installing DBeaver on a Mac

0) What is DBeaver?

Quite simply DBeaver is the best multi-database SQL IDE that I’ve used. It supports every JDBC connection that I’ve thrown at it and has advanced features for some of the more popular databases such as Mysql & Postgres. Many thanks to serge-rider for creating such an awesome tool.

1) Install Java

First we need to install java which can be easily by running the following command in terminal (homebrew required):

brew cask install java

Note: Previous versions of this article instructed an installation of the cask jce-unlimited-strength-policy but that has been removed as its contents have been incorporated into the cask java with the release of 9.0


  • I recommend the newest version of Java as DBeaver regularly depreciates old versions of Java

2) Install DBeaver

  1. Download the latest version | Github Alternate
  2. After downloading drag and drop into your application folder
    • The first time you run the application you may need to right-click on the application and then press open

Congratulations you’ve installed DBeaver!

Your next step is configuring a connection(s) to your database(s).

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