First Blog With Pelican

Update 2018-03-18: I’ve since moved to Hugo

This is my first blog post using Pelican and Markdown. A lot of the content below is to be used as reference mostly for myself and any others who are exploring using Python3, Pelican, & Markdown to create a blog.

How to get up and running

mkvirtualenv personal_blog
pip install pelican
pip install markdown
pip install fabric3
pip install ghp-import
pip install webassets
npm install less -g
cd Dropbox/projects/python/personal_blog/
git clone
git submodule add
git submodule add

Running commands using Fab3 which help prepare posts

fab rebuild
fab preview
fab serve
fab clean
fab gh_pages
fab reserve

This post was very helpful as well

I followed this post to setup my custom domain

Data Wizard

Author of justnumbersandthings

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