Moved to Hugo

What was I using before Previously I was using Pelican a static site generator written in Python. Personally I’m a huge Python fan which led me to search out Pelican rather than go with a more popular solution such as Jekyll. Why Change As it turns out if you aren’t going to be modifying the static site generator in anyway you don’t need to concern yourself with the language that it is written in.

First Blog With Pelican

Update 2018-03-18: I’ve since moved to Hugo This is my first blog post using Pelican and Markdown. A lot of the content below is to be used as reference mostly for myself and any others who are exploring using Python3, Pelican, & Markdown to create a blog. How to get up and running mkvirtualenv personal_blog pip install pelican pip install markdown pip install fabric3 pip install ghp-import pip install webassets npm install less -g cd Dropbox/projects/python/personal_blog/ git clone https://github.