Setting up Oracle ODBC on macOS with ISQL

0) Install ISQL If you’re on macOS the easiest way to install isql is using homebrew brew install unixodbc. 1) Download drivers Download ODBC Package & Basic Package from here Create an oracle account if necessary 2) Prepare driver files cd Downloads unzip instantclient-basic-macos.x64- unsip instantclient-odbc-macos.x64- mkdir ~/lib mkdir -p /opt/oracle/ mv $(pwd)/instantclient_19_3 /opt/oracle/ ln -s /opt/oracle/instantclient_19_3/libclntsh.dylib.19.1 /opt/oracle/instantclient_19_3/libclntshcore.dylib.19.1 ~/lib 3) Update ODBC ini files update odbcinst.